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  • Beverly Brutzkus

Winter Break Ideas for High School Students

Winter break should be a time to hang out with family and friends. But this year, there is less hanging out and more hanging in there! High school students can reduce future stress by using their winter break to check off some items that are lingering on their “to-do” lists: 1. Finish College Essays and ApplicationsFor this year’s seniors, many application deadlines have passed, but there are plenty of colleges that have extended their application deadlines or have later due dates! If you did not get admitted via early action or early decision deadlines, or if you are having second thoughts about the college you want to attend next fall, Conejo College Consulting can help! Winter break appointments are available. 2. Apply for Scholarships - Now is a great time to research and apply for scholarships. Many scholarship applications require essays, but you can often save time by using modified college application essays for scholarship essays. 3. Research Colleges - You may not be able to do a traditional college tour road trip this year, but you can learn more about the different colleges by taking their “Virtual Tours” or webinars. These on-line tours and presentations are an excellent way to get to know what opportunities a college has to offer. This information will help you if you need to write a “Why Us” essay so take notes! Another advantage of signing up for virtual tours and webinars is that it shows you are interested in the college. For some schools, “demonstrated interest” can add to the strength of your application. 4. Prepare for Standardized Tests - No one knows for sure how important the SAT or ACT tests will be in future admissions cycles, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to take one of these standardized tests. If you are a high school junior or sophomore, take a timed practice test over winter break to see which test is best for you. There are many free test preparation programs online such as Khan Academy. If you think you might need a little extra help, learn about test prep companies like Synergy Academics that can provide one-on-one tutoring. 5. Clean up Your Social Media - Regardless of what grade you are in, make sure there is nothing out there that you would not want an admissions officer (or future employer) to see. While you are cleaning up your own accounts, check out the accounts for colleges that interest you. Following them is a great way to gather information and demonstrate interest. 8. Get a Jump Start on Homework - If you have fallen behind in schoolwork or have finals after winter break, spend some time studying now. This is a great way to reduce your workload after the new year. 9. Write Thank You Cards - This has nothing to do with planning for college, but it is just a thoughtful thing to do! (And it never hurts to practice your writing skills!) 10. Connect with Others - Enjoy your time with those in your bubble! Relax, enjoy TV time, hike, go for a run, learn a new skill, etc… And connect with Conejo College Consulting to keep your college planning on track!

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